Workshop (free) for International Certification

M/s ATSInfoTech Pvt.Ltd, Microsoft–AEP(AuthorizedEducationPartner) would be offering International Certifications to the interested students from different vendors@ academic discounted price and those students who voluntarily  pay the exam fees would  be getting bundled training free of cost mapped to the certifications.

Schedule: 1:45 PM @ F-Hall (27 Mansir, 2075)

It aims to

  • provide platform to address students / seminar to educate and motivate them about the various certifications and subsequent permission for registering the students who are voluntarily interested for the same.
  • provide 25% of the total number of students enrolled as ‘Resource Utilization Fees’against use of infrastructure and other resources for the bundled free training.
  • Resource Partner would provide necessary infrastructure within college, likelab’s withComputers, LCDProjector’s,internet etc. for the execution of the free training and conducting the Certification Exam

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