M.Sc. in Computer System and Knowledge Engineering


The course aims to provide students with expertise in the field of computer systems and knowledge engineering, mainly from the perspective of hardware and software developer and programmer. It emphasizes the design, development and programming of computer systems and computer engineering. The program has particular emphasis on embedded hardware and distributed software systems.

Knowledge engineering which involves integrating knowledge into computer systems in order to solve complex problems requiring  a high level of human expertise. At present, it refers to the building, maintaining and development of knowledge base systems. It has a domains such as artificial intelligence, including databases, data mining, expert systems, decision support systems and information systems. Knowledge engineering is also related to mathematical logic, as well as strongly involved in cognitive science and socio-cognitive engineering where the knowledge is produced by socio-cognitive aggregates and is structured according to our understanding of how human reasoning and logic works.

Optional courses, along with the individual project, enable students to tailor a particular specialization to their own careers. As well as professional, analytical and management skills, students gain technical skills snd knowledge at an advanced level.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is two years in semester system. The last semester is dedicated for thesis work.

Objective of program

The main objectives of the course are to:

  • to produce highly competent professional in the field of computer system and knowledge engineering
  • enhance the analytical skills and problem-solving capability in handling current issues in computer system and knowledge engineering
  • impart the theoretical background that students will eventually call upon to strategically manage teams of computer system and knowledge engineering professionals
  • develop research skill in students to make them capable of carrying out sound research in computer system and knowledge engineering

Entry Requirements and Admission Test

The candidate pursuing the admission must hold Bachelor’s Degree in Computer/Electronics and Communication Engineering or its equivalent from recognized institutions. The candidate shall appear in the admission test(entrance examination).

Completed  Thesis Works

Course Structure

First Semester

S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditInternalExternalTotal
1Algorithmic Mathematics44060100
2Computer Systems44060100
3Knowledge Engineering44060100
4Operation Research44060100

Second Semester

S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditInternalExternalTotal
1Information Security and audit44060100
2Cloud Computing44060100
3Elective 144060100
4Elective 244060100

Third Semester

S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditInternalExternalTotal
2Elective 344060100
3Elective 444060100

Fourth Semester

S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditInternalExternalTotal

Elective Courses

Elective courses will be offered as per the availability of resource persons. The lists of elective are as follows:

  • Image Processing
  • Neural Networks
  • Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
  • Semantic Web Technologies and Applications
  • Advanced Database Systems
  • Advanced Switching and Routing for Enterprise Networks
  • Agile Computing
  • Big data Applications and Analytics
  • Smart Systems: Algorithms & Tools
  • Speech and Language Processing
  • Client/Server Distributed Systems
  • Advanced Data Mining
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Next Generation Internet Technologies
  • Information Retrieval
  • Bioinformatics
  • Digital Color and Imaging Technologies
  • etc.

Enrollment Capacity : 20 Students