Course Structure M.Sc. in Information and Communication Engineering

MSCICE First Semester

S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditInternalExternalTotal
1EG801IC Information Theory & Coding44060100
2EG803IC Information System Analysis & Design44060100
3EG802IC Digital System Design44060100
4EG901IC Telecommunication & Computer Networks44060100

MSCICE Second Semester

S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditInternalExternalTotal
1Research & Optimization Methods44060100
2EG851IC Communication Theory44060100
3Elective 144060100
4Elective 244060100

MSCICE Third Semester

S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditInternalExternalTotal
1Project work44060100
2Elective 344060100
3Elective 444060100

MSCICE Fourth Semester

S.N.Course CodeCourse TitleCreditInternalExternalTotal

Elective Courses:
EG902IC         Internet Technology                                                                  4 credits

EG903IC         Knowledge Based System Design                                             4 credits

EG904IC         Neural Network                                                                       4 credits

EG905IC         Digital Image Processing                                                           4 credits

EG906IC         Radar and Remote Sensing                                                       4 credits

EG907IC         Advanced Computer Architecture                                             4 credits

EG908IC         Computer Simulation                                                                4 credits

EG909IC         Aviation Communication                                                           4 credits

EG910IC         Operating System                                                                     4 credits

EG911IC         Client Server Distributed System                                               4 credits

EG912IC         Wireless/ Mobile Communication                                              4 credits

EG913IC         Tele-Medicine                                                                          4 credits

EG914IC         Modern Power Supply for Communication Equipment               4 credits

EG852IC         Management of Information technology                                     4 credits

EG853IC         Optical Communication                                                             4 credits

EG854IC         Automatic Control System                                                        4 credits

EG855IC         Satellite Communication                                                            4 credits

EG856IC         Computer Graphics                                                                   4 credits

EG857IC         Object Oriented Paradigm                                                         4 credits

EG858IC         Digital Signal Processing                                                            4 credits

EG859IC         Data Base and File Structure                                                     4 credits

EG861IC         Data Structure and Algorithm                                                    4 credits

EG862IC         Theory of Automata and Formal Language                                4 credits

EG863IC         Software Engineering                                                                4 credits

EG865IC         CAD of Digital System                                                             4 credits

EG866IC         Multimedia Computing, Communication and Application           4 credits

EG918IC         Cellular Network and Planning                                                 4 credits

EG919IC         Adaptive Signal Processing                                                     4 credits

Course Codes: The course codes are designated by two alphabets, followed by three numbers and terminating on another set of two alphabets. The first two alphabets i.e EG signify Engineering Faculty. The first digits of three number codes signify the level in which it is offered. For instance, digits 8 and 9 signify lower and upper levels of course offered in the Masters level. The second digit is used to designate the semester, 0 to 4 for the first semester and 5 to 9 for the second. The third digit indicates the subject. The two-letter codes following the three digits indicate the department or the autonomous center that offers the course. EG 801 IC means course offered in the Institute of Engineering in the first Semester of the year of Masters level and is offered by the department of Electronics and Computer Engineering.